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DSWD Travel Clearance for Children


The unabridged information on applying for a DSWD Travel Clearance is found at the website of the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) at

A DSWD Travel Clearance is a document issued by the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) to a Filipino child age below 18 years of age, regardless of civil status, leaving the Philippines alone or with someone other than his or her parents. Philippine law requires minor children who are traveling abroad without their parents to obtain a DSWD Travel Clearance, which is a safeguard against the trafficking of Filipino children.

Filipinos residing in Australia who are arranging for the unaccompanied travel of their minor children from the Philippines to Australia or to any destination outside of the Philippines must secure a DSWD Travel Clearance for their children. Any Filipino minor who will travel outside of the Philippines unaccompanied by his or her parents, either alone or accompanied by another adult, must have a DSWD Travel Clearance. Philippine port and airport authorities will require it.

The application is lodged at an office of the DSWD by a relative or representative authorized by the parents.

Who needs a DSWD Travel Clearance to leave the Philippines?

  • A Filipino minor traveling alone from the Philippines  to a foreign country ;
  • A Filipino minor traveling from the Philippines to a foreign country accompanied by a person other than his or her parents.

Who does not need a DSWD Travel Clearance to leave the Philippines?

  • A Filipino minor traveling with either parent, with his or her solo parent or legal guardian;
  • A Filipino minor whose parents are in the Foreign Service
  • A Filipino minor who holds a temporary or permanent resident visa of another country and is rejoining the parents in that country
  • A child holding a foreign passport

Documentary requirements

1. Duly accomplished DSWD Application Form (downloadable from the DSWD website (
2. Photocopy of the birth certificate or passport of the minor
3. A written consent of both parents, single parent, or legal guardian permitting the child to travel alone or with someone else to a foreign country
4. Photocopy of passport of traveling companion (if the child is travelling accompanied)
5. Appropriate document of civil status of parents:

  • photocopy of the marriage certificate of the minor’s parents, or
  • for legal guardians, a photocopy of the certificate of legal guardianship of the minor, or
  • for single parents, a photocopy of the solo parent identification card issued by the Municipal Social Welfare and Development Office or Tallaq, or Fasakh Certification issued by the Shariah court or any Muslim Barangay or religious leader, or
  • for single parents, a photocopy of the parent’s Certificate of No Marriage issued by the National Statistics Office (NSO), or
  • if the parents are deceased, a photocopy of the death certificate;

6. Two colored passport photographs of the minor taken within the last 6 months.

A DSWD Travel Clearance is valid for a period of one (1) year from the date of issuance and shall be valid for multiple travels within the validity period, provided the conditions under which the DSWD Travel Clearance was issued have not changed. If a change in condition occurs like a change in traveling companion, a new DSWD Travel Clearance must be obtained.

DSWD Travel Clearance Fee

The DSWD collects a processing fee for each DSWD Travel Clearance. The fee will vary according to the length of validity of the Clearance:

  • PHP 300.00 for a Clearance with validity of one (1) year.
  • PHP 600.00 for a Clearance with validity of two (2) years.

Filing the Application

The application for DSWD Travel Clearance, together with the required supporting documents, is lodged at any DSWD Field Office.

Application forms are obtained from any DSWD Field Office and may be downloaded from the DSWD website  

On the appointed date, go to the nearest DSWD Field (regional) office which processed your application to submit the original copy of your supporting documents and pay PHP 300 per DSWD Travel Clearance certificate. The DSWD Travel Clearance certificate will be obtained thereafter.

Minors exempted from the DSWD Travel Clearance requirement

A minor is exempted from obtaining a DSWD Travel Clearance if he or she:

  • Holds a permanent residency card or visa issued by another country;
  • Holds a valid pass such as Dependent Visa, Dependent Pass, Dependent Identification, Permanent Resident Visa, Permanent Resident Pass, or Permanent Resident Identification Card is no longer required to secure a DSWD Travel Clearance;
  • Was born abroad and has foreign citizenship;
  • Holds a foreign passport.

A Filipino minor who lives abroad but does not hold a Permanent Resident Visa, Permanent Resident Pass, or Permanent Resident Identification Card is required to secure a DSWD Travel Clearance.